Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hello...'s been a while.
I used to wonder what happened when my favorite bloggers stopped blogging. 
Now I know. 
Life happens. 
A new job, busy schedules, vacations, different
So, I've been trying to ease back into cardmakeing, but it's been a little tough.  It just doesn't flow as well as when you are not in the 'thick of it'.
So today, I dumped out my scraps and leftovers container.  And here is the result. 
All cards were made from scraps and leftovers from other projects.  


These cards will not win blog challenges, or world cardmaking day contests...but it feels pretty good to be back!
Hope to see you soon,


~amy~ said...

Welcome back! FABulous cards! Congrats on your new job!

Paper Therapy Ponderings said...

it is hard to get back into the swing - I am having some of the same issues - but it will come

I hope.


Conniecrafter said...

I know what you mean, when I go on vacation or something it is always hard to get back into it, challenges and sketches are a good start :) I need to do this too, get into all my leftover scraps, pretty embossing on these, like the photo of a party too!

Dolores Raml said...

Your cards are always gorgeous. I love going through the scrap box and making cards.