Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Melissa Frances

I've been a long time fan of Melissa Frances and tonight I got to meet her and am an even bigger fan! What an amazing lady. She spoke candidly about her fight with breast cancer and spoke very passionately about her desire to educate and make a difference in women's lives. I think she touched all of us in that room tonight. Here's her website Melissa Frances (Just try NOT to drool over her new Christmas line!)
And here is an organization that she's supporting through her Thankful scrapbooking line and a place to learn about breast cancer and receive support from others who have been through the same fight. BreastCancer.org

Melissa brought her fiancee to help with the demo.

The smiles say it all!
So as Melissa asked us to pay it forward...my message to you tonight is...do your monthly self breast exam, have a yearly mammogram and see your doctor regularly, especially if you find something you're not sure of.
Go now...do your SBE and set your computer calendar to remind you to check every month.

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scrappinpeg said...

Oh I'm so happy for you to get to meet Melissa and get a photo with her too! I know you were on cloud nine. whooo hooooo...... Her products are just the best of the best. So happy to hear she will be working on getting supplies to us in the USA more easily! goodie! Oh this is so fun you getting to be there Ivanka! FUN FUN!!!!!! Glad she is working hard towards the breast cancer fight. You can never do too much towards that dreadful disease! Peggy