Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here Piggy, Piggy...

Here are a couple of things from 'The Collection'! This little guy came to me at Christmas one year. His feet are a little rough, but he still has a smile on his face, so who could resist that??!! My only thought when he came was, "who would look at a pig and think, hey I'll make that into a candle!"? But here he is and I love him.

I had to travel to California last year to adopt this pink bundle of joy! He was waiting in bed for me when I arrived in Anaheim for CHA. I fell in love with him and his boa right off the bat. He is soft and cuddly and cute as can be. These were both from Barb. Can't you just picture her giggling as she packs off these wonderful piggy finds for me?! Thank you Barb. You (and the piggies) make me smile.
Take a peek at the National Pig Day Card Gallery up on the right. There are some very wonderful and creative PIG cards there. Thank you to all the ladies who have made cards so far. LOVE them all!!


Barb said...

I get so much fun out of buying them - it looks a little strange - me in a store - pig in hand - giggling because I can kinda imagine Ivanka's face when she opens her box.

DEBBY said...

too funny Ivanka ,The cuddly one is soo cute!