Sunday, February 24, 2008

More of the collection

I hope you're ready to see a few more things from my collection. This darling ATC came from Annie (Just Plain Annie) and I love it!! I have it on the fridge and it comes in handy to point to when the obvious answer to the kids' question is, "when pigs fly"! Thank you Annie.

The ornament is made out of wood and came this past Christmas. I think it's hand made, but I'm not sure. Maybe Barb will pop in here and let us know. I didn't use him as an ornament, he sits proudly on top of one of my cabinets in my scrap space. Thank you Barb. Stay tuned, there's a few more things to share.


Christine said...

LOL, there's more?! I'm so sorry. (snicker, snort, tee hee)

Barb said...

I know I did not carve the pig ornament but someone may have. That ATC is very cute and that would be a great reminder for the kids.


DEBBY said...

cute stuff!!!