Saturday, March 1, 2008

O Happy Day!!

National Pig Day was created in 1972 by Texas art teacher, Ellen Stanley. Her intent was to recognize and be thankful for pigs as intelligent domestic animals. This event is celebrated by zoos across the country. And here at my blog!!
So that's how NPD started and you've heard about how my piggy collection got started, now it's time to just have some fun. I thought I'd start the day with a card. I found this adorable image at Fancy K Studio on Etsy. Have you ever been to Etsy? It's a whole new world. It's like going to the biggest arts and crafts market in the world. I searched for pigs and couldn't believe how many things came up. Oops, maybe I shouldn't divulge that info, or soon I'll have even more piggies arriving at my doorstep!!! LOL
So I hope you stop by a few times today. Take a guess at how many mints are in the jar and there's still time to make a piggy card for the Piggy Card Fest.
Color of the Day: pink, of course!!


Anonymous said...

Ivanka, I love what you did with it! Thanks so much for the kudos! Sharmen, Fancy K Studio

DEBBY said...

cute card,love the gem flowers!